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As results come in from the Guthrie Surname DNA project I will post information here.

This page contains information on my ancestor's and also other Guthrie information that I have collected. I have much more Guthrie information that I haven't posted since I'm not sure if it's copyrighted or not. I will try to do lookups if you email me with your request.

Just follow the links. There will be more links added as time permits. Please email me if you use any of this. I would like to hear from any Guthrie researchers. Both Book One and Book Two refer to Lawrence R. Guthrie's book American Guthrie and Allied Families. I have been advised by the latest publisher that the book is in the public domain. If you wish to use my conversion in some form I would appreciate credit. The second book is now finished. There is a third and forth book that I have no plans to scan. Book III is "Some Guthrie's Coming to America after the Revolution". Book IV is "Allied Families". I apologize for the mess that the book is in, but if I waited until I corrected all the scan errors you would never see it. If you wish a hard bound copy of the book you may get one from Mabel Guthrie Lee, 9658 Shannon Dr., Arvada, CO 80004.

Guthrie DNA surname project                 TimeLine for Some Guthrie's
Will of Ruben Jones                               Oral History of William Ryley Guthrie
Virginia Confederate Pension Rolls          Guthrie's in Person County, NC
Pleasant Hill, Alabama Cemetery
Scottish Wills
Isaac Guthrie Biography                         James Guthrie Biography
Some mistakes in LRG's book

Charles      Nathaniel     Alabama      Walker Co., Alabama Guthrie's     Halifax     Levi    

Halifax Co., VA and my Guthries     Suit Against Mary Guthrie     A Short Article on Grandison Guthrie 

Transcripts of Several Documents showing the Guthrie-Daniel connection in Middlesex Co., VA

The Henry P. Guthrie Letter and some of my conclusions

Book One     Book Two     Book Two 200-     Book Two 221-     Book Two 240-     Book Two 260-    

Book Two 284-     Book Two 304-     Book Two 334-     Book Two 371-     Book Two 412-